The Central Industrial District Association (CIDA) or Historic West Bottoms (HWB) is a not for profit organization designed to promote and advocate for public and private improvements for the welfare of business and industry in the CIDA.

Strategic Plan
Historic West Bottoms Strategic Plan

Bylaws of the Central Industrial District Association of Kansas City
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Board Officers

Bruce Holloway

Past President
Tony Krsnich

Erik Gaucher

Jenna Baechle

Christy Chester

Board Members

•   Chris Boland
•   Anna Cole
•   Christy Chester
•   Scott Brown
•   Steve Routh
•   John Krumme
•   Monty Summers
•   Michelle Freed
•   Bruce Holloway
•   Rick Fleenor
•   Boyd Nolen
•   Maria Moore
•   Scott Burnett
•   Tony Krsnich
•   Philip Krause
•   Steve Mertensmeyer
•   Erik Gaucher
•   Jeff Foster
•   Jenna Baechle
•   Jon Stephens
•   Lauren Roberts

Nominating Committee

•   Chris Boland

Committee Vice Presidents

Rick Fleenor and Steve Routh

Residential and Redevelopment
Christy Chester

Retail District
Anna Cole

Monty Summers

Website and Communications
Bruce Holloway and Philip Krause

Task Force Chairs

American Royal
Lynn Parman

Livestock Building and Restaurants
Bill Haw

Membership Meetings
Rick Fleenor & Steve Routh

PIAC Recommendations
Tom Roberts & Scott Brown

Streets and Wayfinding
Scott Brown

Trails and Community Relations
Darby Trotter

Waters, Sewers and Levees
Scott Brown

Weed Control
Monty Summers

Our Town Grant
Bruce Holloway

Heritage Week
Bruce Holloway & Sean Hogan

Ex Officio Board Members

•   Scott Burnett – Jackson County Legislature – District 1
•   Katheryn Shields – City Council, 4th District-at-Large
•   Jolie Justus – City Council, 4th District
•   Darby Trotter

Community Outreach

HWB Representative to Downtown Council
Nelson Mann
Scott Brown
Amber Arnett-Bequealth
Christy Chester

HWB Representative to KCIC
Scott Brown
Tom Roberts
Michelle Freed
John Krumme

Advance KC
Bill Haw
Tom Roberts